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Steaming Obem VFV300/200 203054
Steaming with vacuum: vaporizes up to 800 kg per load divided
in 2 pallets with dry steam to a temperature of 95 degrees. The
palets are placed on special coralline stainless steel and can
be any size up to a size of 130 x 130 cm.


Bagging Machine SanGrato IR2
Weighing station
Automatic bagging a welding heat;
construction bag for single cone up to a diameter
of 290 mm​​. Complete warehouse in loading and output.
Weighing station formed by a roller mounted on a balance
electronics, transmission of weighing data directly to a PC via
push button and automatic compilation of the front neck.
Storage boxes packed by lifting belt and roller stroke
free with progress control by an operator.
Palletizer compensation of weight with commands and movements
this man and load capacity 100 kg with an arm about three meters
allows filling more pallets simultaneously


electronic scale 2740
Winder for palets with stretch film provided with arm
stabilizer mounted on an electronic scale. Can be wrapped
pallets and weighed up to 1500 kg. Transmission of weighing data to a PC.

Oiler  ARR 95000000393
Oiler for yarn brand RITE completely in stainless steel.
Can dose oiling on one or both sides of the rock and
amount through checks. The office of the rocks is manual
while all the rest of the process is carried out in automatic

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