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Nr. 01 Automatic winders SAVIO model ESPERO RL

nr. 60 heads each, year 2002, feeding from cones, automatic doffing with delivery on cone 6"(152mm), conicity 4°20', waxing device, ispector control, electronic clearers Uster model QUANTUM for foreign fiber intercept, splicer Mesdan model 490L, double empty cones magazine on headstock, double pneumatic control panel for working with two different yarn lots in the same time, trolley blower.
full washing and testing
The machine is erected and connected to the power for testing in our workshop



IMG_0523.jpg (57,05 kb)

IMG_0522.jpg (62,62 kb)

IMG_0521.jpg (46,85 kb)

IMG_0518.jpg (37,96 kb)

IMG_0509.jpg (51,06 kb)

IMG_0507.jpg (53,01 kb)

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