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Dear  Sirs,

It is to offer you, subject unsold:






RAMALLUMIN.  Year  2001


Three-phase 400 V c.a., inverter drive

Maximun working height

1800 mm

Nominal working height

1500 mm

Maximun dyeing speed

25 m/minute




No. 01 Beam supporting creel with 12 positions

Ø  Maximun diameter 1400 mm, beam height 1500 mm

No. 01 Warp draw calender

No. 12 AISI 304 dyeing tanks

Ø  No. 08 with maximun squeezing of Kg 10.000

Ø  No. 04 with maximun squeezing of Kg 5.000

Ø  No. 11 tanks are provided with heating coils

No. 11 Set of oxidation cylinders with 22 m of air exposition

No. 01 Continuous steamer with 25 m drawing-in

No. 03 AISI 304 rinsing tanks

Ø  No. 01 with maximun squeezing of  Kg 10.000

Ø  No. 02 with maximun squeezing of Kg 5.000

No. 01 Vertical dryer with 6 teflon cylinders with a 800 mm diameter, maximum steam pressure of 5 bar

No. 01 Hydraulic drive yarn accumulator  on wet thread with a capacity of 120 mt

No. 01 Horizontal pre-dryer with 7 teflon cylinders with a 800 mm diameter, maximum steam pressure of 5 bar

No. 01 AISI 304 sizing box

Ø  maximun squeezing of Kg 1.500

Ø  Direct and indirect heating with a maximum steam pressure of 1,5 bar

No. 01 Final horizontal dryer with 11 cylinders with a 800 mm diameter

Ø  N. 05 made with teflon

Ø  All of them fed with a maximum steam pressure of 5 bar

No. 01 Pneumatic yarn accumulator for dry threads with a capacity of  20 m

No. 01 Thread divider with a possibility of maximum 13 separations

No. 01 Warp beaming head

Ø  Maximum warp beaming height of 2.500 mm

Ø  Maximum beam diameter of 1.200 mm

Ø  Maximum warp beaming tension of Kg 600

No. 01 Size cooking plant consisting of

Ø  No. 01 800 litre preparer tank

Ø  No. 01 1000 litre cooker tank

Ø  No. 01 1500 litre storage tank




Available equipment from the LT1:

  • No. 6 10 ton tanks
  • No. 2 5 ton tanks
  • No. 4 10 ton tanks with a width of 2250 mm
  • The 10 ton tanks which were mounted at the machine entrance listed on the layout at no.19 and no. 20 are 2150 mm wide
  • No. 60 finned cylinders for the oxidation ranges
  • The carpentry for the 6 oxidation ranges is complete
  • No. 13 finned cylinders for compensation
  • Dry store room with structure and 20 smooth cylinders
  • Vertical dryer with structure and 6 cylinders
  • Vertical dryer with structure and 8 cylinders

The above listed components are to be overhauled and repainted on the LT2. To mount them it is necessary to:

  • Partially modify the carpentry and the platforms
  • Re-build the fluid system – steam, condensation, water, air, draining in general –
  • Assembling of new 7,5 kW c.a. draw engines
  • Complete on board electrical system
  • To modify the general switchboard by adding 4 7,5 kW inverters and to substitute the 3 5.5 kW inverters with 7,5 kW ones.
  • General rewiring for the functioning in sequence and synchronizing of the whole machine

Building of a new colour kitchen and of a new chemical station

The lt2, already modified machine for previous needs of production, has still some mechanical weak points. Some finned cylinders, which are used for yarn deflection and in the compensators, have an undersized shaft.

The sizing box is drawn by a leather belt. To improve it  a converter-driven gear motor should be installed. Different tanks should be completed with squeezing units, which at the moment are functioning as reserve for other services. 



We hope that our offer can interest you. Don't hesitate to contact us
for more details and for inspection.

Kind   regards


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