ZA Textile | 100US - CX 300 MARZOLI hioght production cards


100US - CX 300 MARZOLI hioght production cards

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Dear Sirs,
we can offer:
Machines available as a lot or  as single items
14 B136 MARZOLI chute feeds for card
Year 1995/1997
Working width 1.000 mm.
Centralized waste collection
Frequency inverterters on board
14 CX300 MARZOLI hioght production cards
Year 1995/1997
Feeding by B136 chute feed
Working width 1.000 mm.
Likeri-in deam 350 mm.
Under likering fix carding segment
Fix flats in entry and exit
Revolving flats in iron custed
Drafting for cotton
LOPFE SLT-4 autoleveller fitted in the panel
Centralized waste collection
Exit cans 40” x 45” ( 1020mm. x 1200 mm.)
Automatic cans change pneumatic
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