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Dear Sirs,

We wish to inform you that our company ZATEXTILE – Italy cooperates with an avantgarde company in Italy.

The production covers a wide range of LED illumination and thanks to the LED technology, this company can offer you the best efficiency in various sectors:

industrial sector (lamp quadrotto L, road lamps, led tube by electrical bars)

public administration sector (road lamps, tunnel lamps, lamps for gasoline distributor, outdoor walkable and driveway lighting for parks and gardens)

retail sector and large distribution (led tube by electrical bars, lamp quadrotto, lamps for parking and perimetral lighting)

design products for contract, hotel, shops lighting and private lighting (lamp design whit led rgb indoor, wall lamp design indoor, led light table, wall and floor lamp indoor, outdoor columns led, walkable outdoor lamp, outdoor driveway lamp)


All products distributed by us are designed, developed and assembled in Italy with the finest electronic components available on the market.

Our lamps are covered by a guarantee issued by manufacturer, which ranges from a minimum of 2 years to lifetime warranty lamp (for street and industrial lamps).The lamps are assembled with electronic components produced by leading companies as Nichia for chips LED, and it also use houses of proprietary design and they also use patented designs and are printed with unique and specific materials.

Why choose LED illumination? We can answer in five points:

1- Light : duration of life of 50,000 hours, low consumption, no maintenance costs, clean light devoid of UV & IR, without absorption and dispersion of heat

2 - Design: flexibility of the light, saturated colors, strong ability to spot effect

3 - Environment: absence of mercury

4 - Safety: low voltage, cold start -40 °, robustness, insensitivity to moisture and vibration

5 - Technology: RGB, instant switch to 100%, the flow control

Our company, ZATEXTILE, can offer these products. We distribute the "made in Italy" lighting of the future!

In files attached our catalogs and videos.

Please contact us freely for any further information.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Best regards

Andrea Zanette




Catalog for road illumination.pdf (6,75 mb)

Catalog for outdoor lighting.pdf (6,62 mb)

Catalog for industrial illumination.pdf (1,64 mb)

Catalog for design.pdf (5,94 mb)

Complete catalog for outdoor, road and industrial lighting.pdf (14,71 mb)


We can propose you an other cheaper version of led illumination - made in Taiwan 

Led illumination catalog - made in Taiwan.pdf (5,95 mb)



Photos and Video:

Cube .JPG (2,24 mb)

Cube1.JPG (1,31 mb)

Cube2.JPG (1,39 mb)

Lunar light.JPG (2,09 mb)

Lunar light 1.JPG (1,61 mb)

Lunar light 2 (1).JPG (1,70 mb)


Lunar Light

Lunar Light 2


Cube 2

In these videos the colors are changed by remote control but the colors can change in automatic



Cell. phone: +39 340/1073606


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